The International Cultural Center «Syaivo»                                                                            ua  ingiliz bayragi





Our Vision and Mission

The International Cultural Center «Syaivo» was founded in Kyiv in 2013. The center implements all of its projects in accordance with current Ukrainian legislation. Organizing international events concerning the issues of culture, art and education, the center intends to make various nations closer. Nowadays different countries of the world tend to cooperate in numerous fields; consequently, the concept of mutual acquaintance becomes an ultimate goal. Taking this into consideration, the most outstanding scientists, entrepreneurs and experts in the field of art from all over the world established the International Cultural Center «Syaivo». There are many institutions and organizations that contribute to the development of international relations. Thus, «Syaivo» was created to lay the foundation for friendship between different nations.


Our spheres of activities, platforms and clubs

The International Cultural Center «Syaivo» was founded to help different nations know each other better and establish the culture of neighborhood and co-existence based on tolerance. Therefore, our cultural center performs its activities in numerous fields in order to:

− arrange meetings and collaboration between intellectuals from various countries;

− deepen friendly relations between different nations;

− contribute to cultural exchange between Ukraine and other countries;

− create positive and unprejudiced attitude towards Ukraine in the world;

− give an impetus to cooperation between foreign citizens living in Ukraine and implementation of joint projects;

− help foreigners who live in Ukraine integrate into its culture. Willing to be aware of the newest achievements in science and culture that correspond to its interests and values, the International Cultural Center «Syaivo» constantly collaborates with Ukrainian state institutions and entrepreneurs, local authorities, NGOs, religious centers, scientific and educational institutions and mass media. Thus, the center contributes to the implementation of various programs and projects in such areas as culture, art, science, physical training and modern technologies. All of these projects necessarily correspond to the centerʼs values and purposes.


These are the key spheres of our activities:

• our center arranges meetings of Ukrainian, English and Turkish speaking clubs. It also provides courses aimed at teaching the basics of different nationsʼ cultures and traditions and organizes workshops where our students are taught to create handcrafts inherent to the representatives of various nations;

• by means of preparing and implementing relevant projects the International Cultural Center «Syaivo» always supports the initiatives aimed at the individual’s spiritual, intellectual and social development, as well as at disclosure of every individual’s creative potential;

• the center contributes to Ukrainian scientific and research institutions’, scientists’ and experts’ projects regarding to the individual’s personal development;

• «Syaivo» works hard to implement social campaigns and different projects in the field of culture and education;

• the International Cultural Center «Syaivo»s major activities are aimed at organization of exhibitions, meetings, conferences, international festivals, contests, days of culture, literature and art, presentations, symposiums and seminars;

• «Syaivo» does its best to create and share video and audio content that gives information upon art, society, science, culture and sports.

• «Syaivo» also deals with seeking for sponsors both in Ukraine and abroad to ensure the realization of its projects;

• the center actively cooperates with state institutions, local authorities, NGOs, religious centers, scientific and educational institutions, sports organizations and mass media to boost the development of art and science;

• «Syaivo» carries out social campaigns and performs legal activities in the field of book publishing;

• the center provides Ukrainian state institutions and local authorities with possible solutions of numerous social problems.


We make Ukraine and the whole world closer!